Our team at Dockhound spends a lot of time on site with marinas all across the country. We hear over and over again about specific situations that keep coming up at dry storage marinas. For example, a boat owner wants their boat left out overnight because they’re coming back early the next morning to go fishing. Or, a boat owner borrows a battery pack for the day to make sure they can get their boat started. There’s all sorts of little requests like this happening at every marina, and our customers were looking for a way to handle them in Dockhound.

We knew Dockhound could add value here. We also knew that trying to address each of these situations specifically and individually with it’s own feature would create more problems than it solved. We needed a simple “catch all” solution that allows our customers to attach specific information to a session in Dockhound without getting in the way of the important stuff, like moving boats.

Our solution was to enable employees to comment on any active session in Dockhound.

Let’s say a marina customer tells a dockhand that they want their boat left in the water so they can go fishing early the next morning. The dockhand can find that boat in the list, tap on the comments icon, and add a comment instructing other employees that the boat should stay out overnight.

Adding a comment

Now everyone at the marina can see at a glance that there’s a comment on that boat’s session. Lift drivers will know not to put that boat away before close, even if they didn’t speak directly to the customer or dockhand.

Comments are now available in Dockhound. We hope they help marina employees communicate more effectively and keep track of specific customer requests.